Corporate web design has a reputation for being stodgy, all business and frankly, not terribly inspiring. The best web designs for corporate websites, however, offer plenty of inspiration for doing things the right way – that is, the way that serves you and your web visitors the best. If you’re creating or designing a corporate website, paying attention to these top corporate web design strategies can ensure that your business website will deliver the results that you need.

Consistency and Clarity in Corporate Web Design

The classics – some web design rules never go out of style because they’re essential to enhancing the experience for your site visitors. Whether your intended audience is new customers, investors or your own employees, consistency and clear navigation help your users find what they need with a minimum of effort. As always, though, there are trends that build on the classic design elements to bring them to the next level.

* Consistency is a must to establish your brand and keep your visitors engaged in your website. Keep common elements across all the sections of your website so that your visitors recognize that they are still on your site.

* The hottest new web design strategy for corporations with many departments is color coding. Executing this corporate web design strategy well depends on keeping all other design elements on the page exactly the same. Some uses of color coding on corporate websites include using a different color for different product categories, or changing the menu bar and logo color depending on the access permissions of the user.

* Your web visitors benefit from clear, recognizable navigation options and descriptions in your corporate web design. Use menu bars and other recognizable elements to make sure your customers and users understand how to get around and find things on your website.

* For complex corporate websites, take advantage of Flash web design to create nested menus and navigation options that slide out when needed and stay out of sight to let your website design shine through.

Cool Website Designs Translated to Corporate Websites

Some corporate web design elements started out as cool, trendy gimmicks on cutting edge websites. Cool doesn’t always translate well to the corporate world, but some fit right in to typical corporate website goals.

* Thanks to the prominence given them by the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox, favicons have become a necessity for any corporate web design. The tiny logo image will appear on tabs, in the address bar and in the title bar of the browser. If you don’t have one, the space reserved for the favicon shows a blank page – why waste a spot you can use to broaden your branding?
* Custom search boxes make it easier for your visitors to find what they want on your website. If you’re selling anything or providing customer support from your corporate website, custom search is an absolute necessity.

If you’re looking for corporate web design ideas for a new website or a corporate website redesign, consult a web design company that knows how to incorporate trending design elements with the classic elements that make your web design a standout.